Issuance of Survey Authority

This document is an authority given to private Geodetic Engineers (GEs) for the survey of public lands.


Name of Agency

DENR Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) to Provincial Environment and Natural Resources (PENRO)


Frontline Services

Issuance of Survey Authority


Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday to Friday

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. without noon break


Who May Avail of the Service

External Customers



Inspection Fee: P150.00


How to Avail the Service




Customer Activity


DENR Action


Office/Person Responsible/Location




Documentary Requirements


Amount of Fees


1 Go to CENRO to secure, accomplish and file Letter-Request Form for survey authority Receive and enter into the record book the duly accomplished Letter-Request Admin Aide VI 5 minutes Duly accomplished Letter-Request Form and any document showing the identity of the land (e.g. Lot number, survey card, tax declaration, Deed of Sale, etc.)
Verify status of land whether titled or not and/or claimed by others

Determine Land Classification status

LMO/LMI, Admin Aide VI/OIC, Records Unit

CENR Officer

30 minutes
Provide the applicant the following: 1. Checklist of Requirements
2. Survey Authority
3. Advice about the procedures
LMO/LMI 10 minutes
2 Submit the complete documentary requirements Receive and check completeness of submitted document based on the checklist LMO/LMI 10 minutes Survey Authority form duly signed by the applicant and private Geodetic Engineer.
Prepare Order of Payment for Inspection fee UWI, TREE MARKER 5 minutes Proof of claims/acquisition of the property (e.g. Deed of Sale, Tax Declaration, etc.)
3 Pay the Inspection Fee Accept payment and issue Official Receipt Bill Collector 5 minutes
Assign Land Investigator/DPLI to handle the request CENR Officer 5 minutes
Conduct field investigation and prepare Investigation Report and recommendations LMO/LMI 3 days, depending on the location
Review documents/reports Chief, SMPU/LMO 30 minutes
Sign Survey Authority and Investigation Report CENR Officer 5 minutes
Assign control number on Survey Authority and enters into the record book Admin Aide VI/OIC, Records Unit 5 minutes
Release Survey Authority to customer Admin Aide VI/OIC, Records Unit 5 minutes
3 Receive Survey Authority
4 Conduct actual land survey Depends on the Private Surveyor
5 Submit complete Survey Returns Receive Survey Returns Engineer, UWI 5 minutes
Prepare Transmittal Letter to the Assistant Regional Director for Technical LMO/LMI 5 minutes
Sign the Transmittal Letter CENR Officer 5 minutes
Assign and indicate Serial/Control Number in the Transmittal Letter Admin Aide VI/OIC, Records Unit 5 minutes
Forward Transmittal Letter and Survey Returns to Regional Office Admin Aide VI/OIC, Records Unit 5 minutes

*In Case no CENRO in the area